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La Belle Epoque, 30 x 48 mixed media 

Lisa Zarucka is a professional mixed media artist based in Denver, Colorado. 

She utilizes up to five different alkyd oil paints on reflective panels, glass or porcelain or ceramic tile.  Her talent and years of experience as a professional artist allows her to paint any subject in her unique style. 


To put it simply, her paintings are modern interpretations of classic art nouveau and gothic styles resembling stained glass and tile.


"Working on reflective panels as well as glass, wood, porcelain, and ceramic tiles has not only made my work more accessible to the market but it's also allowed me more creative flexibility."


Lisa Zarucka with her piece "Their Royal Majesties"

She is currently the only artist to work with specialized alkyd oil paints on a large scale. Their unique reactionary properties achieved via manipulation or their combination, result in am array of effects from vibrant translucent coloring, hammered textures, 3-dimensional depth, honeycomb structures, unique lacing patterns and high gloss watercolor washes. 

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