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Lisa Zarucka is a mixed media artist; her creations are bold paintings of florals.

Originally from southeast Michigan, she spent her childhood drawing and painting. An autodidactic painter, Lisa's persistence led to her becoming a professional artist in 2009. Curiosity sparked experimentation with numerous mediums and tools including acrylics, paper and clay sculpture, resin, woodworking, and her current medium alkyd oils.  


"The alkyd oil paints I use are challenging to work with. It's taken years of trial and error for me to get to this point. Other artists don't use them on for full scale paintings.  That's probably why most people have never heard of them before." Their reactionary properties coupled with unconventional painting methods produce striking blending and unique patterns. Lisa's methodology is inspired by Japanese art specifically the "kouroku" style which uses heavy relief lines and a volume layering technique inspired by "tarashikomi" which was traditionally used with ink and seen in silk work.  

"One of the best things about using these paints is they produce pieces which can't be duplicated.  Only originals can be produced because the sheen and quality of the paint make it difficult to photograph but also impossible to print accurately.  I really like that my customers will never have the same piece, it makes the work more special that way."

Deeply inspired by her love of flowers, gardening, and study of floriography, Lisa uses florals as her subjects for their organic characteristics and symbolic range to communicate themes and emotions related to the human condition. 

Her main artistic influences are Antoine Berjon; Caravaggio; Dutch vanitas painters; Frida Kahloi; Nihonga artists Tawaraya Sotatsu, Utagawa Hiroshige, Katsushika Hokusai; modern anime and manga artists Junji Ito and Hajime Isayama; Vincent Van Gogh; and trailblazing-badass floral painters Virginia O'Keefe, Rachel Ruysch and Maria Van Oosterwijck.

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