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Lisa Zarucka is a mixed media artist in the RiNo Art District of Denver, Colorado.


Originally from southeast Michigan, she spent her childhood drawing and painting. Lisa's artwork is a synthesis of challenging paint materials and innovative techniques resulting in "faux stained glass" paintings.  

Lisa uses florals and elements from nature as her subjects for their organic characteristics and symbolic range. The historical, figurative, and allegorical use of flowers allow her to communicate themes and emotions related to the human condition to her audience. 

Her main artistic influences are Antoine Berjon; Caravaggio; Frida Kahlo; Nihonga artists Sotatsu, Hiroshige, and Hokusai as well as modern anime and manga artists Junji Ito and Hajime Isayama; Vincent Van Gogh; and trailblazing-badass floral painters Rachel Ruysch and Maria Van Oosterwijck.

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