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The Garden

The Garden is a perennial, morphing, collectible mural and my life's work.

 A "themescape", it tells a story through visual elements and updates once per year.  

The only true constant of this piece, is that it will always change.

The "rules" I've established for myself with this piece are as follows:

1.) It will be 8' x 8'.

2.) It will be comprised of  121 squares, each will be a balanced composition and able to stand on its own.

3.) It will be a performance piece, with squares being swapped out to the next version upon its completion.

4.) It will go on infinitely.

5.) It will always be a garden.

6.) There will be 6 specific visual elements which will appear in every version of The Garden:

the key, the lotus, the climber, Enzo, the arrow, and the clover.

7.) Rules are meant to be broken in the art world, however rules 5 & 6 must stand. No exceptions.

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